Because it is essential for us to minimize the risk for injury to our employees, at ACO-SERVICE, we have formulated very clear policies on work environment and security.


Moreover, we take the necessary actions to protect the environment.

At ACO-SERVICE, it is a part of our objectives to:

  • Identify the work environment and continuously carry out risk assessments of the company’s activities
  • Ensure that the staff is continuously trained in carrying out the work properly at the lowest possible risk.  

  • Make clear that each employee has the responsibility to comply with the company’s rules and instructions for security and work environment.

  • Comply with existing laws on security and environmental precautions.

  • Ensure that each employee knows and lives up to his/her responsibility regarding security and work environment. 

  • Develop, produce and distribute with the least environmental impact and use of resources.

  • Set goals for minimization of waste, water and energy consumption.

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Climate / Energy

Varmeveksler, trykbeholder og Inddamper. Hos ACO er vi eksperter i varmegenvinding og termoplader.

Climate and energy 
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Fordamper, recuperator og varmeveksler. Eksperter i filterhuse, indfaldsfilm og kondensatore.

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Quality assurance 
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