In connection with renovation tasks and refurbishment of process plants we actively work with optimization. 

Our consultants gladly take an informal meeting in order to identify processes, which could usefully be optimized. The starting point could also be a status report, which reveals the areas that should be renovated.

We work with all kinds of process optimization and we have, among others, specialized in:

Air filtration:
ACO-SERVICE has developed filter cabinets for air purification in environments, where sanitary requirements are particularly high e.g. for use in the food and medical industry.

For noise reduction in process plants, we are developing sanitary silencers with/without CIP-system.

Improved accessibility regarding service and operation:
We make stainless steel operating platforms with stairs and railings to ensure optimal accessibility for the staff. The Platforms are made in a nice design without compromising with the high sanitary requirements.

Reduction of downtime with CIP-systems:
We deliver partial and complete CIP-systems for integration into existing equipment. CIP-systems contribute positively to capacity optimization and reduction of downtime.

Improved control and monitoring:
We replace older controls and components with new future-ensured units. Introduction of modern electric controls often adds more intelligence to the systems, so that hereafter, certain processes can be run completely unattended. Moreover, modern controls are often much more operation friendly.

Contact us to receive advice and guidance on how your processes can be optimized in order to:

  • Increase the capacity

  • Reduce downtimes

  • Reduce energy consumption (heat recovery)

  • Improve the sanitary standard

  • Improve the work environment

  • Other