Because our competences cover all the phases of the project, we often act as turnkey supplier regarding new establishments, refurbishments and relocations.

The area of competence starts from specification of the task, through development, production and documentation to installation and implementation of finished plants. A typical delivery includes process equipment, production IT, automation, electricity, installation, commissioning and subsequent service. 

In areas, where we do not have the expertise, we ally ourselves with some of the market’s strongest players. Thus, in 2009 we entered into collaboration with a firm that specialises in production optimization and automation. Moreover, we often act as turnkey supplier together with our subsidiary, ACO-Engineering, which designs and produces custom-made thermo plate products for heat exchangers, condensers and tanks with cooling and heating jackets.

Responsibility is placed in one place 

At ACO-SERVICE, we gladly assume responsibility of the whole contract. When a process company inters into an agreement with us on delivery of a complete process line, a refurbishment or a partial delivery, first of all, we deliver a coherent solution, where the mechanical part is combined with the electrical-technical part. We always take care that there is only one place to place the responsibility for the solution – and that is at ACO-SERVICE.

We assume the responsibility from idea to deployment.

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