Even very small cracks and pores in the tanks, dry chambers and other plant components in the process industry, can be the hotbed for microscopic quantities of raw materials.

Therefore, the occurrence of cracks can, very fast, develop into of major bacteriological problem with completely unforeseeable consequences – not only in economic terms, but also for the company’s reputation.

ACO-SERVICE performs professional burst tests according to approved inspection methods on tanks, drying plants and other plant components in the process industry.

Shortest possible shut-down 

ACO-SERVICE knows how important it is to keep expensive shut-down-periods to an absolute minimum. Therefore, we document not only the container’s condition, but offer an immediate repair of the damages that may be found. The Shut-down-period is considerably reduced, as test and repair can be done immediately after each other from the same service platform and by the same supplier.

Many cracks occur because of stress or fatigue in the material. When we carry out a repair we make sure, among others, that the material is released, so that future stress and fatigue bursts are avoided.

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